Branded Recommerce: How to Build Brand Loyalty through Product Digitization and Authenticated Resale

To satisfy customer demand for greater circularity in fashion, many luxury apparel companies are embracing branded recommerce, digital second-hand markets where customers can buy and sell used clothing. Once the domain of thrift shops and the major online marketplaces, recommerce’s extension into luxury fashion represents a critical turning point for the industry. Its success hinges on each brand’s ability to secure consumer trust and provide a means to authenticate and track highly coveted, certified pre-owned items as they move from one customer to the next.

Join leading experts in sustainable apparel, resale trends, and supply chain traceability for an eye-opening conversation about how leading brands are embracing product digitization to support branded recommerce in the quest for circularity in fashion and boomerang revenue from second-chance sales.

Our panelists will answer the following questions:

  • How brands are digitizing products for authenticated resale
  • Why branded recommerce is critical to achieving circularity in fashion – keeping products in circulation vs. landfills
  • How brands are achieving huge ROI through brand loyalty and resale – you do not have to make more products to sell more products
  • The role of data-driven authentication in powering the recommerce channel
  • How connected products benefit brands, consumers, and the planet

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Featured Speakers

Judy Moon
Global Head of Apparel and Luxury
EVRYTHNG – A Digimarc Company

Vanessa Barboni Hallik
Founder and CEO
Another Tomorrow

Karin Dillie
VP of Partnership